The Amnesty Program Facts

This program is a great opportunity to save money - if you act quickly. There are benefits AND limitations to the scope of the program that we want you to understand:

#1 - ECB violations are eligible - only those that went into judgement before June 12, 2016 qualify, including:

  • Defaulted Violations - non-attendance of ECB hearing has incurred (in addition to base penalty) a default penalty and interest accrual
  • Adjudicated Violations - a judgment has already been determined
  • Certificate of Correction - violations that require DOB and FDNY compliance certification

#2 - Participation in the program is open until December 12, 2016
#3 - Failure to leverage this program may subject you to stringent new collections procedures
#4 - Other conditions apply:

  • Subjects cannot participate if they have already negotiated a settlement as part of the 2009 ECB Penalty Relief Program
  • Subjects must admit liability for the violations and waive all defenses to liability
  • Subject must settle all violations fines, essentially an all or nothing deal
  • Subjects cannot participate if there is a crime associated with the violation.

How We Can Help


By participating in this program, you are engaging in a Structured Financial Settlement that impacts your Bottom Line and Cash Flow:

  • This program can save you a tremendous amount of money
  • The program requires you to pay ALL violations at the same time (6 month payment plans available)
  • Not all of your violations qualify, and percentages of penalties and interest amounts vary for each violation type

K&K Property Solutions can prepare a Comprehensive Report that will reveal the facts and figures, so you can effectively plan for the payment plan with the ECB:

  • Research line by line qualification eligibility
  • Cost comparison analysis - detailed review of existing violation history to establish potential savings
  • Violation removal recommendations
  • The cost of this Comprehensive Report is $150 - a fee which we will apply to any service contract we may enter into for the purpose of resolving the ECB or related property issues
  • Reports include UP TO 5 properties each

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