Owning property in the Big Apple can be thrilling and highly rewarding in many ways.
It can also be challenging, complex and risky.

 Kristen Hory, Managing Partner at K&K Property Solutions,  understands NYC Real Estate. As a licensed real estate agent, and armed with a background as a paralegal who represented clients at the NYC Agency hearings for many years – she learned the ropes for simplifying and succeeding at the tasks of NYC agency compliance.

She founded the company in 2012, along with her partner Kenny Kong, to serve the critical needs of NYC Developers, Investors and Property Managers: Experience, an optimal strategic approach, speed and efficiency. 

K&K has curated a great professional network that you need to streamline the execution of everything from architecture to property sales or purchase.

The company philosophy for doing business is the best combination of old school work ethic, and current technologies to get you what you need in the most effective way possible.